This Is Improvised

by JAB

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JAB's "This Is Improvised" is a collection of spontaneous jams. The title of each track is the date on which the track was recorded. We did not intend to record these songs for the purpose of releasing it. From day 1, we decided to record every rehearsal and use these recordings as tools for analysis, critique, and eventually composition. We formed all of our "actual" songs by reconstructing and polishing what was originally just an improvised jam.

JAB's main focus has always been to provide a unique and danceable live music experience. Unlike this album, our shows have been representations of hard work and repetition. Sure, there are portions of our live songs that are improvised, but the placement of these sections are predetermined. Unlike the band The New Deal (one of our biggest inspirations and the inspiration behind the title of this album), we create the setlist beforehand, not as the show progresses. Occasionally, we'll add a song or switch the order of songs so as to appease the crowd. But we don't detach from our compositions and create something completely spontaneous and improvised. Maybe we will one day...and hopefully you won't be able to notice the difference.

"This Is Improvised" is a celebration of 2 years of JAB. We have opened the door to our rehearsal studio (Andrey's apartment) and given you a peak into our creative process. This album has not been mixed or mastered. The drum sounds come from an electric drum kit that sometimes doesn't pick up everything that is played. The keyboard sounds are sometimes too loud. And sometimes the entire track clips. You will hear exactly what we heard while we were playing; unfortunately, we do not always have enough hands to play and adjust the levels at the same time.

One day, hopefully soon, we will go into a real studio and put out a meticulously constructed album of our best material. But for now, please enjoy what has brought countless hours of pleasure into our lives: the magic of improvised music.



released January 9, 2012



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JAB New York, New York

JAB is Jeff Lifmann (keys) Andrey Kazachkov (keys) and Byron Avery (drums).

JAB plays live electronic music.

JAB never uses laptops, loops, samples, or anything pre-recorded.

JAB is based in New York City.
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